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About TUG

TUG is an interdisciplinary arts collective that creates contact zones where people can generate insights about, and produce actions around, contemporary social issues.

About Gaelyn

Gaelyn Aguilar is a cultural anthropologist and artist who looks to performance as a site for both intervention and re/search. She initially explored this pivot point in the Republic of (North) Macedonia, where as a Fulbright Fellow she conducted research on dance and the cultural politics of national identity. Following almost 24 months of fieldwork in the Balkans, Gaelyn turned her attention to the borderlands of North America, a shift that dovetailed into her role as the Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of TUG Collective. Prior to becoming active as an ethnographer, Gaelyn was an independent filmmaker who produced documentaries that profiled individuals, organizations, and socio-cultural issues that lacked access to popular support and conventional media outlets. Her documentary work has appeared in National Geographic’s New Explorers Series, been distributed nationally to over 250 refugee resettlement programs, and received support from the David Bermant Foundation, the Phaedrus Foundation, and the Ohio Commission on Minority Health. Gaelyn complements her identity with work as a live performing and studio-recording artist. She worked with Grand Bell Award-winning Korean traditional musician, Won Il, on his conceptual, cross-over album, ‘Asura’ (‘Riot’) and, under the music direction of Kolleen Park, was a member of the original cast of the award-winning South Korean Musical ‘Myong Sung Whan Hu.’ Gaelyn has collaborated with modern dance choreographers in the United States and abroad, co-composing and performing music scores commissioned by Tina Yuan, Kim Young Sook, Jill Sigman, and David Shimotakahara of GroundWorks DanceTheater, with whom she worked for over 10 years, presenting several of the company’s early, seminal works. Gaelyn has worked with sound poets Jap Blonk and Tomomi Adachi, performed on reconstructions of Luigi Russolo’s intonorumori instruments, collaborated on open score performances, and joined award-winning visual/performing artist and designer, Robin VanLear, on ‘Marigold Wars,’ her large-scale, theatrical/dance response to the Rwandan Genocide, which premiered at the Cleveland Playhouse’s Fusion Festival. Her multimedia work includes performances at FrontierSpace (Missoula, Montana) and the Sound Installation Festival at The Cannery (South Penobscot, Maine. Gaelyn recently stepped down from her position as Professor of Anthropology at the University of Maine at Farmington and has relocated to New York City.

About Gustavo

Gustavo Aguilar is a performer/composer/improviser and interdisciplinary artist whose awareness and engagement with new and innovative forms of art operate and encompass a wide range of traditions and media. His work has been called "beautiful, introspective and passionate," "thought-provoking and thoroughly fresh." A Brownsville, Texas native, Gustavo has performed at major festivals throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific, including IRCAM's Festival Agora (Paris), the Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark), the Acousmania International Festival of Electro-Acoustic Sounds (Bucharest), the Zagreb Biennale International Festival of New Music (Croatia), the Jooksan International Arts Festival (Seoul), the Green Mills Project (Melbourne), the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Green Umbrella New Music Series, RedCat Theater’s Now Festival (Los Angeles), and the American Composer's Orchestra Improvise! Festival (NYC). His sound works includes solo and collaborative releases on Acoustic Levitation Records, Circumvention Music, Edition Modern, Mode Records, Mutable Music, Nine Winds Records, Samsung-Ak, Sang-Joong-Ha Music, and TaRaGa. Gustavo’s solo and collaborate work has been supported by Creative Capital’s MAP Fund, Meet the Composers’ MetLife Creative Connections Grant, Arts International’s Fund for US Artist, the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, and the Korean Ministry of Culture among others. Gustavo held the position of Composer-in-Residence with GroundWorks DanceTheater of Cleveland, Ohio for over ten years, composing and performing several of the company's early, seminal works. He has given master classes and lectures at universities and symposia across the United States and abroad, and is the co-editor of The Modern Percussion Revolution: Journeys of the Progressive Artist (Routledge). In addition to his role as Co-Artistic Director of TUG Collective, Gustavo is currently an Associate Arts Professor of Collaborative Arts at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a member of The Forest, a cooperative percussion quintet.

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