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Architecturalized Sound Events | was a month-long series of works and performances by pioneering sound installation artists Maryanne Amacher, Miya Masaoka, and Liz Phillips. Drawing upon each artist's unparalleled sensitivity to architecture and to creating comfortable, organic interiors where sound swells up from natural space, this exhibition of site-specific works took root in and around Brooklyn’s Issue Project Room, and featured sound as the predominant material response to built environment. These architecturalized sound events represented an unprecedented gathering of women whose artistic lives have been dedicated to encouraging our aural awareness of the sonic resonance linking time, motion, light, nature, space, and the body.

Ecuador’s Environmental Struggle | looks at what were, at the time of production, the various environmental problems in Ecuador, and what one of the country’s largest environmental groups, La Fundación Natura, was doing to protect, preserve, and educate. 

Sound Studies (2006-2007)

Documentary Work (1991-1995)

Lost in Our Own Backyard | profiles a young woman through her personal account of growing up as a first-generation Latina in Northeast Ohio. 

A Place to Be | focuses on the role played by the International Institute of Akron, Ohio to educate the city’s Southeast Asian youth about their ethnic heritage, and the dangers of substance abuse. 

Liz Phillips | is an American artist specializing in sound art and interactive art. A pioneer in the development of interactive sound sculpture, her installations explore the possibilities of electronic sound in relation to living forms. This interview excerpt explores the importance of workshopping materials.

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